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Current Projects & Goals I’m Working On For 2018


Here’s to current projects and lots of new goals in 2018.

I’ve been working as a content creator for Canadian Virtual Gurus for over a year now. Check out my work on the blog here.

I managed to type away for National Novel Writing Month until killer tendonitis took me out of the mix. I did write around 17-18K and I was satisfied with what I came up with. A dystopian world and I’m an observer. I’ve never written anything like that, so it was a good learning experience.

When you write for a living, chances are you churn out a lot of content that doesn’t have anything to do with you. You write what editors or clients tell you to write. It’s always liberating when I get to do my own thing.

I joined a couple of local writing groups – the Ozark Romance Novel writing group are the best people! And totally inclusive.  Can’t wait to go back to another meeting. Writing is so isolating – when you meet like minds, it’s great.

Still slugging away at social media – I do posts, ads, etc. Logos, all that stuff. I still think social media is demonic. And since I live in the Bible belt, that should really demonstrate how much I loathe social media.

I’m writing a post for Medium about it. You lose almost all your friends if you disconnect from the mothership. I think that shows how sick we’ve become with our social media fixation. The things I like about the Internet are:, videos of normal people being funny, animal rescue sites, medieval killer bunnies and this is my favorite blog ever.

Happy New Year All!

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