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NANOWRIMO 2017: I’m In!


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I’ve decided to attempt to write a novel for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month).

I’ll be part of the Springfield, Missouri regional group, attending those write ins as we all attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days.

My novel is going to be called, “My Death On The Internet”. It’s a series of essays about my life and the social media age.

Drop me a line if you are participating in Nanowrimo and want a writing buddy!

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Poem: Women Who Love Angels


I love contemporary poetry. I came across this poem today. Great poetry and literature have a way of righting the world.

Women Who Love Angels

They are thin
and rarely marry, living out
their long lives
in spacious rooms, French doors
giving view to formal gardens
where aromatic flowers
grow in profusion.
They play their pianos
in the late afternoon
tilting their heads
at a gracious angle
as if listening
to notes pitched above
the human range.
Age makes them translucent;
each palpitation of their hearts
visible at temple or neck.
When they die, it’s in their sleep,
their spirits shaking gently loose
from a hostess too well bred
to protest.
Judith Ortíz Cofer, “Women Who Love Angels” from The Latin Deli. Copyright © 1993 by Judith Ortíz Cofer.  Reprinted by permission of University of Georgia Press.
Source: The Latin Deli (University of Georgia Press, 1993)
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The Sons of Perseus, Slayer of Monsters, Are Upon Us…


Perseid is coming


Perseid meteor shower

Image: Perseus by Benvenuto Cellini. Courtesy: Loggia dei Lanzi, Florence, Italy

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Are You On Social Media?



My web presence consists of this website and my other site that features my horror film scripts.

I can be reached by email.


i am not on social media

Image: Dante and Virgil, Corot, Courtesy of MFA, Boston

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